There seems to be a lot of chatter on the web about Lion and its TRIM support for SSDs. Really don't know much about TRIM and the likes. But currently planning to upgrade my Mac Mini 2,1 from its original 160GB 5400RPM HDD (currently running Snow Leopard) to a 64GB Kingston V100 SSD (which i plan to upgrade to Lion).

a) Is it best to first upgrade the current internal HDD to Lion, clone that onto the SSD externally and then shove the SSD in?
b) What's the REAL deal with TRIM?
c) Does Lion support TRIM for third party SSDs by default or does it require a software TWEAK? (as described in TRIM Enabler)
d) Does TRIM support or the lack thereof REALLY matter to a basic user looking to make the switch from HDD to SSD merely for speeding up the machine?

*I realise 64GB is fairly low but I believe it'll be enough for me with my usage (keeping ALL media on external drives) and still having more than 20% free on the SSD.