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    macbook pro + 27" thunderbolt display + 20" ACD (DVI) = TRUE??
    Hello All,

    macbook pro + 27" thunderbolt display + 20" ACD (DVI) = TRUE??

    My 20" ACD with DVI has a DVI -> displayport converter... I am wondering if I can chain link this to the thunderbolt and connect the thunderbolt 27" to my macbook pro and get two external displays running?

    Only reply if you are absolute sure this works, I am about to order one online.


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    Seriously No Replies?
    Seriously No Replies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vacholino View Post
    Only reply if you are absolute sure this works...
    You sort of limited any response or feedback to those that "are absolute sure this works".

    Not too good a way to put a question related to a $1,000 monitor with a port that's never been on a monitor before and has been out for less than a week. I'm sure there are any number of folks here that have one of these new monitors already.

    I'd suggest a call to Apple sales and ask them when you get ready to order it.
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