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    Magic mouse or track pad w/lion
    Apologies if this has been discussed , but couldn't find a lot of info.
    I upgraded to lion and I want to take advantage of the touch gestures. I'm running a MB pro w/ external monitor . I prefer a mouse to a trackpad. But is the magic mouse a good option? Does installing magicprefs help make it a more relavant device ? Or is the trackpad the way to go with lion? I would love input from people with experience with both

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    I would say the trackpad is simply great for finder navigation and web browsing.

    But I admit that when using Office or Adobe apps I always have a mouse at the ready.
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    I agree, I prefer a mouse to my macbook trackpad ( but I do like my trackpad and multitouch when I use it).

    Im just looking for peoples opinion in terms of functionality. Does anyone feel that the magic mouse is much inferior to the trackpad? I have played w/ both some in the store and kind of liked the magic mouse. I have a friend who has it and hates it bc he says it seems to not work all the time.
    I would think that the lack of gestures could be improved with magicprefs.
    Overall I like the better control of a mouse but I don't want to sacrifice the gestures either

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    Well I went to Best buy to play with them, and they had no trackpad out, and the computers were still running snow leopard. I downloaded magicprefs, and tried it. I liked the magic mouse, only problem was the 3 and 4 finger gestures only worked maybe 60-70 percent of the time. Maybe theres a learning curve to it. Im leaning more to the trackpad at this point. I figure I have a mouse I can use if I need it and the touch gestures on the trackpad would be nice for everyday browsing etc. I just don't want to regret it bc I do like using a mouse much more

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    Have to agree with the above posts, I use the track pad 60% of my time, It fits perfectly into my workflow as a photographer. But there is still a place for the mouse I tried my partners Magic Mouse but went back to my Logitech 'Ortho' mouse it was originally designed for Gamers. Love it

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    Way... way too many specs to list.
    I no longer use a mouse. Ever. I use a magic trackpad and a wacom (a mouse in Photoshop sucks after using a tablet). That being said, the magic mouse does, at least, support many more gestures.. if you use them.
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    I use a mouse at work on my Windows machine and bought a Magic Trackpad tp replace my mouse at home.
    No way would I go back!
    Only wish I had a trackpad at work.
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