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    Downgrading to DVI to S-Video
    I'm running out of High Definition Inputs (HDMI, Components). I still have 2 S-Video

    I'm thinking of downgrading my Mac Mini connection from DVI to HDMI to S-Video. Basically going from DIGITAL to ANALOG. I'm using Panasonic Direct TV HDTV.

    Is it noticable in terms of Picture Quality or should I find other way around my HD Input problem.


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    Downgrading from DVI to S-Video will have a dramatic change in quality. Actually, S-Video on a computer is only good for watching movies, it's way too bad to use it for anything else.

    The problem is not the change from digital to analog, but that S-Video groups all signals into two, luminance and chrominance.

    DVI and VGA use one wire for each type of signal (Red, Green, Blue, H-sync and V-sync), each having it's own ground as well.
    That means the need for conversion on the monitor is minimal.
    S-Video groups all those signals together into two wires, means that first they have to be put together on the computer side, and then they need to be split up again at the monitor side, into R,G,B,H and V-signal. This conversion reduces image quality to a mere TV image, far away from any standard VGA-monitor.

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