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    Do I need my RAID card?
    I have a Mac Pro one quad-core 2.66 Ghz Intel Xeon with a MacPro Raid Card
    and four 1 TB 7200-rm serial ATA2. My RAID card battery died (I hadn't used the system for a while) and I repurchased a new one. However, I'm not sure I need it. I originally purchased the RAID card because I thought I was going to use the system as a large database and was told the RAID card would be a sufficient means of keeping the data safe, so to speak. However, I now am not using the system for its original purpose, and am wondering if I can just remove the RAID card or deactivate it without removing it, or would keeping it be advisable regardless of the computerís new use? I suppose I don't want to have to rebuy new RAID card batteries each time they die (the system is now on a backup UPS). Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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    You can just remove the RAID card. No sense keeping it in the machine and using power if it's not active. Make sure though before you remove the card that you're not actually using RAID.

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