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TheMacDaddy 06-01-2011 09:57 PM

Mini Display to HDMI (adapter or cable) HELP
I DID search, I didnt find anything that answered my question. So, I just picked up a new monitor, asus ve278q, not a bad deal, but I want to hook it up using HDMI, and I have found 2 possible ways of doing it. Either the monoprice mdp to hdmi adapter and then run a standard hdmi cable from it to my monitor OR I found (also on monoprice) a single cable that runs from mdp to hdmi. Will the single cable actually work (I dont see why not, but you never know) and if so, which do you guys recommend doing (the cable or adapter). Thanks ahead of time.

here is a link to the cable For only $6.58 each when QTY 50+ purchased - 3ft 32AWG Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cable - White | Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Cables

IvanLasston 06-02-2011 12:00 AM

I've used both. Either works. I did have some Font issues when going into HDMI into an HP monitor though - So I stopped using the HP Monitor with my MBP. Other monitors I had no trouble with the monoprice hdmi cable. I have a monoprice mdp to dvi which I use into an older monitor and that also works fine. So basically - I've tried mdp to vga, mdp to hdmi, the cable that is mdp to hdmi and all work well with most monitors that I have tried except for this one HP.

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