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    Trying to add a USB 3G modem
    I have a Huawei E156g modem (yes, it's old).
    It worked flawlessly with my previous macbookpro (which is almost identical to this one) - I just hit the little phone symbol in the top menu bar, and it connected. But since my last mac stopped working (unfixable, no idea why) and I purchased a new one, this new mac appears to have no "modem" options to connect. I have tried everything. I have spent the last hour googling support forums. ALL I WANT TO KNOW IS HOW TO GET "modem" to appear in the network settings as an option I can choose. HOW HARD CAN THAT BE?

    Any ideas anyone? (yes, I have installed all the drivers. It's just not "seeing" the modem as a modem).

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    Go into System Preferences > Network and with the modem connected hit the little '+' button at the foot of the connections list and a box should come up enabling you to select the modem.

    Keep us posted?
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    No - doesn't work. Tried that last night. There is no way to select "modem" there. It just does not exist. I just spent an half an hour on the phone with the Mac support people who just say "it's a software issue" and gave up. Flippin great.

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