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Thread: Recommended PDA for the Mac

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    Recommended PDA for the Mac

    My wife is using our new IMac for typical home use, (i.e. email, calendar, surffing, shopping on-line, etc). I've heard her drop a comment here and there about how nice it would be to have her calendar available when she's not at home...and her birthday is just around the corner......

    Any suggestions to what portable PDAs work best with the Mac? I've owned a Palm device and HP with Windows. I honestly don't know the history behind Macs and PDAs. Any suggestions would be most welcome!

    (Of course, the largest reason I ask is I want to ensure it works with OS X)



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    Palm is the best for OS X and it works with iSync, Pocket PC will work but you need to buy a separate app. I don not know what that app is but Im sure some one will.

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    If it's listed on the apple store site, it'll probably be good.

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