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mitchymom 05-22-2011 04:59 PM

elgato eyetv 3 HELP with Cable Change
I moved from one city to another. At my old house I had basic cable. We had an actual cable that came into the livingroom and plugged into the tv, and another cable that went into the room with my mac. I plugged the cable into my eyetv and got my channels. The TV in the other room was not an HDTV and because we had cable I did not need a digital converter.

My problem is that I've moved. At this new house I do not have cable, so I haven't been able to utilize my eyetv on my mac. The livingroom TV is hooked up to a digital antena (which incidentally drives me NUTS because the TV scrambles every time a car drives by). Hence...I NEED cable.

I need to order cable but I have no idea what I need to keep in mind in order to be assured I can use my Eye TV 3 on my MAC. When I started researching choices, I got confused because it looks like I might need to lease a cable BOX in addition to my Eye TV 3 unit??? Even for basic non HD??? How does this work if I want to have the line go to the livingroom TV and my iMac?

My choices for cable are WOW and Comcast. Can anyone help? I miss my EyeTV!

chscag 05-22-2011 07:59 PM

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Welcome to the Mac Forums.

You will likely need a cable box whether or not your TVs are digital HD. Most cable companies require the use of a cable converter box so they can control what services you receive and charge accordingly.

As for your EyeTV, it should be compatible with most cable boxes. You'll have to ask EyeTV support about Comcast and WOW. Here's the LINK to the EyeTV web page.

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