My mac is totally full right now, I'm thinking to get a 2.5" dual bay enclosure.

I did some research online this few days, I saw two of those, but its hard to make a decision .

1. Caldigit VR Mini. $425 with 2TB
Many people said Caldigit is good, but its so expensive to me (for this price i could even get a new iPad 2). and I dont like LCD display in ORANGE color.

2. Akitio Taurus Mini. $109.00
Black color with blue LCD display ( It looks great for me), and the price is good, too. I saw eBay has a buyer are offering $99.99.

I like the Akitio Taurus Mini better, but never heard about this brand. is it good? or should I pay more to get Caldigit VR Mini?

any advise?