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mhandelman1 03-16-2011 11:25 AM

Good Postscript Laser Printer?
Our current Postscript Laser printer (B/W) seems to be on its last legs, so we're planning to get a new one (Postscript, laser, B/W).

Our current printer (A Lexmark from 2005), is okay (not great), it's just we've had some annoying paper handling problems with (paper jams seem to happen often with it).

For some reason, my dad is still looking into Lexmark printers...I guess the devil you know. But does anyone have experience with recent Lexmark printers? Are they any good?

(As an amusing anecdote, my dad walked into the university computer store, and asks about Postscript laser printers, and the employee didn't seem to know what 'Postscript' was. "How do you spell that?" was the response.)

chscag 03-16-2011 02:39 PM

I'm a bit biased against Lexmark printers. I just flat out do not like them and have always had trouble with them in Windows and elsewhere. And their tech support is the pits.

Current crop of laser postscript printers that are Mac friendly include HP, Canon, and Brother. There are others but those three generally seem to work best. Also stay away from Dell.

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