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    Can't print from MBP to Mac Pro
    I have a MacBook Pro and a Mac Pro. Both running 10.6.6. I connect my MBP online through a wireless router (Cisco/Linksys). Mac Pro is hardwired. My question - how can I print from Mac Book Pro to my two printers (HP Laser Jet and HP Office Jet). Printers are connected to Mac Pro with USB.

    RIght now I do one of 2 things; email documents to Mac Pro and print, or pull USB cable out of Mac Pro, plug into MBP and print.

    I've tried numerous methods of adding the printers but no luck.

    Here's the thing - The Mac Pro does not have airport. I thought I'd be able to connect to Mac Pro through the wireless router.

    Any thoughts?

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    This should be easy!
    First - wireless and ethernet are just "communication media." Both computers are in the same local network if they talk to the same router.

    On the computer with the printers, go to print & fax and highlight the printers one at a a time and check Share this printer on the network.

    On the other Mac, the printers should now show up with bonjour.

    Read this guide:
    Mac OS X v10.6: Mac 101 - Printing

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    Thank you for your reply. I have followed these instructions. I've gone to the Genius Bar, talked to technical support, gone on other forums, etc. In short I've tried a lot of different sources and the consensus has been, "it should work." But no luck, after many, many hours over the course of the last 9 months, on and off.
    I've set up Bonjour printing on other networks, using my MacBook Pro with no problem.

    I'm thinking it has to be a) the Mac Pro, b) I'm missing something on the way the network is hooked up/connected (do I need a "crossover cable" for example) or c) the fact that there's no Airport card in Mac Pros.

    Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like something wrong with the router. Maybe it is blocking port 5353 (I think that's bonjour, anyway).

    Of course it Could be something wrong with the install of OS X on one of the Macs- the only thing I can think of that would be useful is to reinstall.

    if you want to continue troubleshooting, tell us the Network settings on each computer - IP address, subnet mask, router/gateway.

    Also, create a new admin user on each Mac and log in as that user and try setting up everything (from what you have described this has very very low probability of success).

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