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    Problem with Time Machine / external hd
    I have a problem with my external hd and time machine. Since my iPod has crashed, without me having a backup, I've decided to import all my music and store it on my external hd, so it will be ready for when I will get back my iPod from repairs/get a new. For that I've constructed a new folder in my time machine finder window and have imported a lot of music files to this folder. But this is where the problem arises: while files from my regular time machine updates can easily be imported to my computer, I get the following message when I'm tryin to drag files from my finderwindow and to my computer (error in danish, so translation might be a bit imprecise):

    Action cannot be executed, because an error has occured. (Error code -1426)

    It's pretty frustrating, but what is the problem?

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    Don't store your music files on the external Time Machine drive by creating a new folder in the TM backup. That won't work. Instead, create a new partition on the external drive separate from the Time Machine backups and store your music files that way. Or, just buy another drive and use it exclusively for storing your music and videos from the iPod.

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