I saw some forums posts on this, but from all of them it looked like no one had any problems and I am not able to get it to display anything
So I recently purchased a new 30" iMac, but I want to connect my old 23" adc Display from my G4 cube to it. I purchased the Apple power convertor (http://www.amazon.com/Apple-M8661LL-Display-Adapter-4038234011420/dp/B00011KHT2) as well as a simple DVI to mini Display Port adapter. I have it all plugged in, but have had no luck in getting anything to show up on the adc display. When I plug it in power gets to the display, but does not stay on. Pressing the power button on the display lights up the power light for a second but then fades out. Any help? it is not registering on my iMac either.

Thanks in advance.