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    Daisy Chain External hard drives
    Hello Everyone, this is my first post on here, and I hardly know anything about computers. We are starting a photography company and obviously want to back everything up. We have a 27" iMac, and I just picked up two 1tb g-drives. I would like to leave all of the photos on the external hard drives, so the mac doesn't get slowed down or filled up. So I would like to have anything that gets saved on the first hard drive to get automatically saved on the second. Is there any chance for this? Or do I just have to them saved on the iMac and drag the files over to the external hard drives, and then just clean them off the mac when our current project is complete. We are using adobe photoshop cs5. Any help will be beneficial, thanks.

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    You can set things up so that anything that you put on one external drive is automatically copied exactly onto the second external hard drive. This is called "RAID mirroring" or "RAID1."
    Disk mirroring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    You can set this up using:

    SoftRAID $129
    SoftRAID Software RAID for Mac

    You don't have to write things to your internal drive and then copy them to an external drive (though you could do this if you wanted to.) All that you have to do once your RAID is set up is download your data directly to one of the two external drives (as if it was your primary drive), and the RAID software will take care of the rest.

    Another, more common, option is to just use cloning software that offers automatically scheduled backups to your external drives, to copy your data from and two wherever you want it on a schedule. For this I recommend:

    SuperDuper $28

    The similar CarbonCopyCloner is free:
    Carbon Copy Cloner - Home
    but I think that you will find SuperDuper a little easier to set up to do what you want.


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    RAID support is also built in to OSX disk utility, you need to use RAID 1 (nor RAID 0)

    Mac OS X: How to combine RAID sets in Disk Utility
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