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    Color LaserWriter 12/600 Question
    Picked up a CLW 12/600 (Free, can't beat that) and got it running. Only real problem is that it jams from the bottom (standard) paper tray. Side sheet (manual) feed works fine.

    I traced the problem down to the feeder rollers, once the paper is lifted to the feeder assembly, these rollers push it the rest of the way. Because there is more drag pushing them from the bottom tray than the side tray, they slip and trip the jam indicator.

    I can spray the rubber rollers with some automotive throttle body cleaner which "melts them" so to speak, and they work for about an hour before the stuff wears off and it will jam again.

    They are smooth and shiny, will rubber rejuvenator solve this problem and bring some grip back to the rollers?

    They are about half inch in diameter, 3/4" long and spaced about 3 inches apart and snap right out of the assembly for easy replacement.

    My neighbor suggested soaking in pure dish soap for a while, then rinsing them clean, this also worked - for a short time, although I didn't soak them for more than 10 minutes, may try longer.

    Any suggestions? The thing prints excellent, and the guy gave me new toner for all colors, and a new fuser oil bottle, so it's ready to go for thousands of pages, with only a 4,744 page count when I got it Just would like to fix this little problem, although I can live with the manual feeder if I have to.


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    Hi IanCT,
    I encountered this problem. Presumably the jam you see is with the paper edge just protruding out of the paper tray, as viewed with the infeed mechanism door open?

    I tried rubber rejuvenator without success. I believe that the problem with those hard black rollers is that over time, they either shrink or are worn down and lose diameter as a result. A colleague and I made a pretty reliable fix by installing a sleeve of heat-shrink sleeving over those black rollers. The increase in diameter is enough to fix the problem.

    I hope this helps.
    These are nice machines and well worth repairing IMHO.
    Let us know how you get on.

    Tom Crane

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    Nail polish remover and a cotton swab, Try to find replacement rollers like tomecrane says ,they shrink and no longer grab the paper.

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