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    Smile Optical drive question
    Hey guys I'd really appreciate some assistance with something

    But anyway I'm pretty sure that my disc drive on my macBook Pro is broken. My laptop took quite a fall the other day and I'm trying to install some software from some discs and it's just not reading them. I used some DVDs as a control to confirm that my disc drive just isn't working

    I do NOT however want to send it to Apple and deal with all of that crap. It also might be exponentially cheaper to get an external optical drive for my rare disc needs. ($50- as opposed to whatever ridiculous disc reader replacement/labor costs are.)

    So I stumbled upon this: Samsung USB 2.0 8x DVD Writer External Optical Drive for Mac and PC SE-S084C/RSBN (Gloss Black): Electronics

    WILL THIS do the trick?

    Also if anybody could link me to a newbie iMovie guide, that'd be great

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    The Optical drive will be just fine. It would be wise to repair it though
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