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BDD888 01-29-2011 01:38 AM

Looking for CF card reader

My old 12-in-1 Sandisk card reader isn't being recognized by my new iMac (Mac OS X 10.6). Might not even support USB 2.0 for all I know. It's one of their first multi format readers. So I need to find a CF card reader that is Mac OS X 10.6 compatible and can read all card capacities and speeds (e.g Lexar's 600x UDMA cards). Recommendations?

I did notice on Lexar's website that they had their 32GB 600x UDMA card in their "dual card reader". But they don't say anything about Mac OS X 10.6 compatibility.

Didn't see anything worthy on Sandisk's site.

Doug b 01-29-2011 03:01 AM

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My trusty ol' SanDisk 12 in 1 works just fine with 10.6.4. I can't see why yours wouldn't work, or any other USB 2.0 based card reader for that matter. Have you tried using it on another computer to make sure it's just not dead all together?


BDD888 01-29-2011 04:05 PM

Works on my MBP laptop. That's running 10.5.

Also I spilled coffee in it once. :D So it was sort of flukey since. Mostly good. Maybe not good for my CF cards. Though, I think they are protected. Obviously I didn't put a CF card in when it was wet. :)

Again...I don't think mine is 2.0 compliant. Looks sort of like yours but with a stand. Maybe we have the same one LOL! Not sure why you're not having troubles. And why it's readable on my MBP (10.5).

Don't know if I should spring for the firewire 800 UDMA version (dual-card by Sandisk). On their website they have a 32GB 600x UDMA card in it. So I guess that reader supports all capacities and speeds.

Doug b 01-29-2011 05:54 PM

Mine came with a stand as well, I simply threw it away. There's no logical reason for it not to work with one of your Macs and not the other. Did you test that specific USB port ?

As for the new reader, if you have the money then sure.. get it. It's going to transfer data far faster, which is advantageous for things like RAW photo files or larger video files. I actually would like to get one as well, at some point.


chscag 01-29-2011 06:57 PM

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