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Thread: Magic Mouse Problems

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    Magic Mouse Problems
    I just bought a Magic Mouse today. I have a MBP with i7 2.66 4gb ram running mac osx 10.6.6.
    When I turned the magic mouse on, bluetooth instantly picked it up as Magic Mouse and paired it with the mbp(it's listed as magic mouse). The problem is when I go to system preferences-mouse-set up bluetooth mouse. It says ''no mouse found''. If I turn the mouse off and back on while this search is taking place, it finds the mouse but when I click continue, it goes back to the generic mouse screen. I believe I'm supposed to see the gesture options at that point. What seems to be the problem? By the way, when I am in this generic mode, the mouse scrolls fine. Also, I do not have USB Overdrive(actually following another post, I installed and un-installed it).
    I installed Magic Prefs(which works fine) but I would still like to know why the magic mouse isn't recognized and why I don't see the original gestures menu.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    I am not sure why it does not recognize it. However, you should try MagicDriver (google it). It is the best application for the Magic Mouse.

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