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    Lacie drive dead, how to recover data??
    Hey all hopefully someone on here can help,

    My P.O.S. Lacie 500 Gb is making the wonderful steady tick tock/click of death. Before anyone feels the need to comment, I know Lacie Drives are pretty crappy, but it was a gift & it held out pretty well-to make it worse it's the Porsche drive so blue light on the front to suggest anything.

    I did not drop it, move it, or do anything physical to it. I was unable to get into my iTunes library so I turned the HD off, waited 30s, & turned it back on. It then began clicking & does not sound like it is spooling up.

    It was originally mounted through my Airport. After I noticed the clicking, I plugged it in to my computer via USB. The Lacie shows up in System Profiler, but not in Disk Utility.

    A few years ago, I managed to dump a pint of beer on my MacBook, but I was able to salvage 99% of what was on my Hard Drive via removing the HD from my MacBook connecting it to my fiance's MacBook Pro via a hard drive USB adapter cable & TechTool Deluxe. Is there anything like that that I can do to save my near 500 Gb of info?

    Also, yes, I do have much of it backed up on another external drive, but as always, there is some data (40 Gb worth) that was not yet backed up, but is very important.

    Thanks to any & all helpers!

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    I have a d2 320 and after 5 years still going strong but I was going to suggest checking the power supply (the brick) they do fail but not completely if the output voltage is lower
    than requirements it causes erratic behavior.

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    OSXX, I never in a million years would have thought it so simple, but you were correct.

    Thank you so much. My fiance' won't kill me now for her Photography being lost to cyber-oblivion.

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