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Thread: Help! Transferring files from MBP to iMac

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    Help! Transferring files from MBP to iMac
    I have a 20" iMac and a MacBook Pro. The MBP wouldn't start up last week, after all possible trouble shooting I took it to the Genius Bar where my logic board was replaced. On Sunday the laptop started to freeze regularly, heated up a lot and when I rebooted it hung on the Apple loading page with the wee spinning thing. I tried all the troubleshooting and spent many hours reading threads and blogs but no luck, so I have made another appointment with the Genius Bar for tomorrow!

    My last back up was 30th December 2010 and I have put one batch of photos on to the laptop since then, along with installing Apple Video Capture. Tonight I joined the iMac and MBP with the firewire cable, I followed all the instructions. My MBP has the firewire symbol displayed, my iMac shows the HD mounted - but nothing in it. If I right click and 'Get Info' I can see an accurate reading of the capacity and available disk space yet no folders/files appear - the Finder window is blank.

    I have spent several hours Googling and reading to see what I am forgetting to do, but getting nowhere. Can anyone help?


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    You should be able to read from the MBP hard drive if it shows mounted on the desktop of the iMac. Something else is not right. Are you sure the hard drive on the MBP is OK? As a last resort, pull the hard drive from the MBP and mount it in an external carrier or use an adapter and attach it to your iMac. If you can't read the data from the MBP hard drive that way, then it may be that the drive is not functioning.

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    Visited the Genius bar today for my appointment. Hard drive has died So it is staying with them for replacement.

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