Hey there,

Anyone ever used the Sonnect Tempo Serial ATA card? If so, did you have any issues trying to boot from a normal IDE cdrom drive to install 10.3 on the serial ata hd?

I installed the card that I just got today, regardless if the drive is plugged in (which means it must be a hardware resource conflict), I put in 10.3 in the cdrom, and allow it to try and boot from the cd. It begins to read giving me the logo, but after 10 seconds or so a very long list of unix commands flash on the screen and then it hangs requiring me to hit the restart button.

It looks in the list alot of talk about dumping the kernal which I assume is the kernal is confilicting with the card, becuase when I take the card out, it does not show all this code.

At the end of the code it says panic, leaving me hanging (or something like that). I moved the serial ata card into another pci slot with the same results.

Is it possible it is a defaulty card, or could it be the serial is just not the flavor my blue and white likes.

Any info is greatly appreciated!!!

if it is the card and need a new one, I may try and exchange it for regular ata100 sonnet card, since that just makes things less complicated.