Hi all,

I am trying to connect a G4 to an old Formac Gallery 2010 Oxygen monitor that only has a DVI-D connection, and itís not working. The starting screen comes up (grey screen with nothing but the Apple logo and a grey timer icon), but then when it should go to the login screen, the screen goes black. The VGA slot of the Mac works fine, having tried it on a different monitor and on a projector, but ideally I need to get it going through the DVI monitor.

Looking at the Formac FAQ page here: Welcome to Formac - Experience a new perspective, it seems possible that I have to set the Mac to the monitorís native resolution, 1600x1200 Ė only problem is, I donít have a VGA monitor that supports that resolution, to enable me to set it! I know from using the Formac with a PC that it does support other resolutions (1042x768, 800x600), and Iíve tried setting the Mac to these, but to no avail. The support page also says that I could try zapping the PRAM, but it implies that this will only work if the resolution is set correctly, so I havenít tried it yet.

So, is there any way I can set the resolution to 1600x1200 without a working monitor that supports that resolution (apologies if thatís a really stupid question), or should I just try zapping the PRAM in the wrong resolution, or does anyone have any other ideas?