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    eMac not connecting to the internet
    Hi all, I am new and have a question. My mom has an eMac..1ghz G4, 1 gig of ram, 80 gig hdd, and is running jaguar. Anywho, yesterday morning she went into her home office and tried to connect to the internet and could not...she has not been able to since yesterday morning. The thing is that we have a cable modem connected to a voip router (she uses the voip router as her phone service for her home business. Now, I know it is not the modem or the router because I have a pc hooked up to the router and I can connect to the internet. However, I had to reset the modem yesterday morning to get my internet connection to work...but once I did reset it, my connection worked fine. I am a relative noobie when it comes to macs...I can find my way around of sorts, but don't know very much at all. Anywho, do ya'll have any ideas about how to get her eMac to connect once again to the internet...she needs it for her home business.

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    Try resetting the router.

    Also go to System Preferences -> Network and see what it says for the ethernet connection
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    Thanks for the quick response! When I reset the router, I had to end up resetting the modem to get my connection back, but my mom's connection is still down. I checked her network preferences and it is set to automatically get the ip and everything and it did have an ip, etc. Anymore ideas?

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    I fixed it...she had a bad dns path that was set as her first path. So, I deleted that and used her second one. I pinged both of them on my pc and found the second one to work..that was why I changed it. Thanks for the help though!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahachippy
    ...I checked her network preferences and it is set to automatically get the ip and everything and it did have an ip, etc. Anymore ideas?
    Does the IP address start with If so, then you don't have a "real" IP address. A 169.254.X.X IP means that you have set your interface to get an IP from a DHCP server, and no DHCP server has responded.
    What you will need to do first, is power cycle your setup. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Turn off all computers, unplug the router, unplug the modem.
    2. Wait at least one FULL minute
    3. Plug in the modem
    4. Plug in the router
    5. Start up the eMac first and wait for it to completely start up. Check it to make sure that it has renewed the DHCP and pulled a true IP address.

    If your eMac pulls a true IP, then you can restart the other computers.
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    Thank you so much for the help! I thought I had fixed it by getting rid of the bad dns path, but then when I went to go back and try it, it didn't work. Then I did what you said to do and it now works like a charm! Thank you again so much...I really appreciate it..have a great day!

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