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    performa as a project webserver?
    i picked up a trio of performas for nothing from a library the other day and i have aspirations of turning them into servers (apache/mysql/php). i downloaded YDL 3 but i can't seem to get it going. BootX seems to be corrupt no matter how i try to get it on the machines.

    has anyone had any experience putting a linux OS on a performa?

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    no, but i have put YDL 2.1 on an apple 7200. bootx had some problems, but after i installed it a second time, it kinda works ... do you have it set to be dual bootable? if so, what mac os ?

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    i haven't had a lot of time to work with it, but they came with a stripped down version of 8. i don't have it dual boot, i was hoping to find a way to just make it linux, no dual boot.

    these performas are 6290CDs.

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    If you get linux on one of them, they would probably make great a "developement" environment. I wish I had some spare Macs to do this with. Right now I am running apache/mysql/php on a spare PII 500 or something. Works great...

    I've installed YD3 on my iMac, but that doesn't help you really. I think MacAddikt is definitely the one to talk to about this. He has that old machine that he keeps around for such things, I believe.
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    well after tinkering around with it here and there, i finally found on YDL's site that the 6250 WILL NOT run YDL under any circumstance.


    any recommendations as to a free linux distro that WILL run on a 6250?

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