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    New Vivitar DPF no longer accepts photos after deletion
    Hello, I bought a keychain (in fact, 2 of them) digital photo frame, brand name "Vivitar", and although one of them was accepting my photos splendidly last night, I made a mistake (by accidentally uploading duplicates/wrong photo into the device) and afterwards, tried to upload additional photos and now it no longer accepts photos. So I tried the 2nd one I bought (after first deleting its factory-installed sample photos) and it, too, no longer accepts photos. I suspect that in this case I'm supposed to to press the "reset" button on the rear of the device, but please take a look at that reset button, people - it's a tiny pinhole.

    001 - reset button on back of DPF;

    002 - reset button is a tiny pinhole;

    003 - USB connect set to "yes";

    004 - photos no longer accepted following deletion.

    How can I press this reset button if it's a pinhole?

    Thanks in advance.

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    paperclip - a great many electronics use the same for reset - or for example ejecting a stuck CD/DVD that's stuck your tray loading type players
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    Pretty soon we're going to have to start explaining to the youngest of our members what a "paperclip" was originally used for, Bob.

    I always get a laugh when I address computer groups and we're talking about email. I explain the CC and BCC functions by mentioning what it stands for ... and you can tell by the confused looks on the faces of the under-40s that they are wondering what "carbon paper" was ...

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