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Thread: ADC to VGA

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    ADC to VGA

    I have two vga monitors that i want to use in a dual display setup with my G4. The video outs are ADC and DVI. I have a DVI to VGA adapter that is allowing me to use one of the monitors. However, I can't find any ADC to VGA adapters.
    I understand that Dr. Bott and Griffin made such an adapter but have had no luck finding one to date.

    Is it possible to use a ADC to DVI adapter followed by a DVI to VGA adapter in a daisy chain set up to allow me to use the other VGA monitor?

    Does anyone have any other solution?

    Or does anyone have an ADC to VGA adapter they would like to sell?


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    G'day and welcome to the forums; Have a look at this:-

    ADC To VGA Adaptor Cable - Try & Byte

    If the G4 is a very late model, say a 1.25/1.42GHz Firewire 800 model, a faster graphic card with dual DVI ports maybe the go, such as an ATI Radeon 9800.

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