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Thread: Lacie External Hard Drive Problem!

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    May 02, 2007
    Lacie External Hard Drive Problem!

    I've bought a mini 5 pin USB to connect my hard drive to a PC via USB.

    However when i connect (to my Mac & PC via this lead) i cant seem to find where the Lacie drive is. The power light on the external drive is on but cant find it in the finder on my Mac or when i connect to PC.

    I know the external drive is compatible for Mac & PC.

    It all works fine via Firewire on my Mac and comes up straight away in the finder. Its just i need to connect to the PC via USB........Any help appreciated


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    Does it need more power to connect via USB?

    Some USB cases come with a double USB cable to it can get twice as much power from the USB bus to power up.

    Does the drive have a power input as an option
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    I thought you need to format it to work on the PC if it was formatted for the Mac and that
    FAT32 can be read and write by both but with a limited volume.

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    The format has nothing to do with whether or not the drive can be "seen". His LaCie can't be seen by the PC which leads me to agree with louishen that the drive is not getting enough USB power to mount.

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