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    MADDENING: typical print options not available
    recent switcher, purchased & installed Photoshop CS5; I'm having fits trying to figure out where my printing issue is: I use an Epson 4880, and when I go to the print dialog, only very minimal options appear. What I need is page setup, where i specify page size, and wherever it may be that I can specify roll paper or tray... I've uninstalled/reinstalled the printer, downloaded the newest driver I could find (6.55), and a "common updater v7" I saw referenced elsewhere... It's as if Iv'e installed the wrong printer, and precluded myself from access to many needed options. Additionally, firmware update is grayed-out in Print & Fax prefs.
    Most of my changeover has been easy, but this is driving me nuts... has anyone else here heard of this issue? I don;t see it referenced in forum searches...

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    WE use that one at work

    I am not sure which driver we used, but it is working, unfortunately I am off for a week so cannot check.

    WE just used the drivers, not the common updater

    Is there an uninstall option then do a fresh driver install and a restart

    I assume you have selected the correct printer driver when setting up the printer. Try deleting the Epson from the printers and fax list and setting up the printer anew
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    yep, tried all that, but will definitely go through it all again. COrrect driver was selected @ Epson site, per their info when specifying my 4880. Wierd...

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    Ok, looks like I'm rolling now, thanks--must've missed SOMEthing...thanks...
    the only oddity I have now is the picture package I'm running is shifted about 1/4" to one side, cutting a little off one side, giving me a white stripe on the other... not doing this on the PC, I checked margin settings, etc.

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    My name is Syd and I work for Epson America, Inc.

    Here are the steps to resolve your issue:

    1. Go to System Preference > Print & Fax.
    2. Highlight the Epson printer and click - to delete.
    3. Go to MAC HD > Library > Printers.
    4. Drag the whole Epson Folder to the trash.
    5. Go to and download the Printer Driver v6.55 from your printer's support site.
    6. Install the driver.
    7. Download the Common Updater 7.0 from the printer's support site and install it.
    8. Once installed restart the computer.
    9. Once restarted, make sure the printer is on and connected. Go to System Preference > Print & Fax.
    10. Make sure the printer is on the list.

    Please try printing again.

    Here to help,


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    Hi Syd, thanks for chiming in here; after following the directions in your post, I still have the same issue... the image is printing, just shifting 1/4", cutting off one side, white strip on the other.
    I've been back & forth with "Sean" at Epson for a couple of weeks, but with all actions (including this one before), I'm still where I started. Weird, because the 4880 prints just fine from my PC. Now, there has always been a very tiny white edge on the PC, but always like 1/32" to 1/16", which I attributed to paper alignment, etc...

    any other possibilities? thanks!

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