Hi Guys

I just wanted to document my experience of installing the software for this wireless printer/scanner in case it's of use to anyone else.

Part way through the installation of the software from Canon's cd-rom I got the Alert The printer could not be detected.... screen. To cut a long story short we concluded that VMWare Fusion was the cause of the problem and this is what I did to get the software installed:

On the Mac, quit the VMWare Fusion application and go to Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor.

Look for a process name 'vmnet-netifup' and quit all instances of this process.

Install the Canon software.

Reboot the Mac (to restore the VMware processes).

To get the scanner to work wirelessly:

Go to Applications>Canon Utilities>MP Navigator EX 3.0
Select Preferences.
In the Product Name dropdown box there will be two entries. Select the one the says MP990 Series (Network: ... )

Well .... it worked for me!