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    Canon Scanner Software
    I just purchased a Canon 8400F Scanner and have been having some problems in saving and organizing scanned photos. I admit that this is my first scanner, but I have found the Canon quick manual very lacking. I was wondering, should I even use the Canon software or should I just use the i-photo software? I would appreciate any advice on scanning with this scanner and/or any direction as to what resourses are available to learn to use this scanner.
    Thanks in advance,

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    If iPhoto can control the scanner, I'd use it. Probably better than the Canon software anyway.

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    do you have photoshop, or photoshop elements maybe? tat would be best.

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    I have a Pixma MP 110 canon printer / scanner and the supplied software is great to use.
    Omni page, Photo studio, MP Navigator, Scan gear starter etc.
    All the info is available in the Software folders in the Applications folder & of course 'Help'. Plus you should have a separate scanner guide. Far more options than are available through iPhoto / Image capture. Plenty of reading material :-)
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