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    Review: Slappa HardBody PRO Carbon Elektra (lots of pics)
    The HardBody PRO Carbon Elektra is Slappa's newest HardBody laptop case. It features their xEVA Hadbody shell, a vibrant red interior, and 3 interior pockets for your gadgets. After many e-mails to Slappa, I decided to purchase this instead of a standard Incase sleeve for my Macbook Pro 13. Slappa President, Dominick Martinetti, answered all the e-mails very promptly, even sometimes during non-business hours.


    The first thing you will see is a free Slappa sticker, a letter from Dominick, and your packing slip. The letter you get is actually a nice touch, making it seem like a personalized experience.

    Next up is the actual case, which is wrapped in a black protective back, and a standard plastic bag.

    Here is the final product


    D-Rings for optional shoulder strap

    The red interior is a more canvas type fabric, although it is not scratchy, and feels extremely durable.

    My Macbook Pro 13 fits extremely well, although it wiggles around a little bit.

    Samsung vibrant w/ charger, laptop charger, Buffalo Ministation.

    When the Macbook charger is in the bottom right pocket, since it's so thick, it causes the case to bow a slight bit on the outside. Kind of hard to see, but it's there. Even if the charger isnt wrapped up it still happens.

    My Opinion:
    Overall I am very satisfied with my purchase. The outside of the case feels very durable. It is a leathery, plastic type of material but doesn't feel cheap. The zippers feel strong, they slide really well and never come in contact with anything inside. I wish the inside pockets were a little bit larger, since my macbook charger causes the case to flex out a little bit. I would then be able to put my external hard drive in one of those pockets instead of the top, and put the charger in the top. I'm sure that would eliminate the flex issue.

    I also wish the case came with a shoulder strap, instead of spending $13 on a Slappa one (although the 17 inch version comes with the strap). No, I am not going to set this thing on fire like the original review NBR did, but if it's made out of the same material, I trust this one is fire proof.

    - Durable
    - Cheap, although the 17 inch is expensive.
    - Provides good protection
    - Fits laptop very well

    - Some may consider the interior pockets small
    - No shoulder strap
    - Large items in the pockets can cause case to flex out
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    Nice review. Love the name!

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    Carbon Elektra? I was hoping for Carmen Electra! Now there's an "unveiling" I'd like to see...
    The case looks pretty cool and I'm loving the option for a shoulder strap with those 2 "loops".
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