Hi, everyone...

I've an Iomega 1TB external HD that has failed. I've replaced the power supply a couple of times, but this time that wasn't the issue. As you may know, there are two linked 500 GB drives inside the enclosure, and neither is recognized if I try to install them separately in a different enclosure.

I would like to salvage the data on these drives by installing them in the extra bays on my MacPro: (2 x 2 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon, running OS 10.6.4). I imagine there is a way install them and retain the JOBD array, no?

Can someone direct me to some instructions?

Thanks for your time, and please forgive me if I'm using incorrect terminology - I'm an artist, and while I'm far from being a Luddite, I absolutely realize that my technical knowledge is deficient.

Russell Walks
Russell Walks Illustration