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    Question Backing up/mirroring external hard drives
    Hi All,
    Hopefully somebody out there can offer some useful input on this question.
    I am running a Macbook Pro with several external hard drives (Lacie D2s in various sizes) on which I archive and back up my image library.
    I am using Time Machine to back up my laptop's hard drive but I would like to be able to back-up/sync/mirror my image library on one external hard drive to another external hard drive. Is there an application anyone can recommend to do this (as opposed to copying files/folders manually). Is Time Machine capable of doing this?
    To be more specific, I am running two 1TB external hard drives as my image library main drive and image library back up. I would like to set up s system to sync or mirror or backup the main image library hard drive to the back up drive so the two are kept in constant (or nearly constant sync). I hope this makes sense! Any useful input would be welcome.

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    I'd recommend SuperDuper!.

    The free version only does complete backups. The paid version will do incremental backups.

    You'll have to sync manually if you want the sync more than once per day.

    To do what you're asking with a continuous sync, you need an external RAID device which will write all data simultaneously to both drives.
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    If you're looking for a really good option you may want to check out Synology disk stations. They are NAS setups where you can run them in RAID like bobtomay was talking about. I have a ds110j single bay but they make ones that can hold 4 drives which means you can take your 2 existing drives and set them up with RAID on 2 others. They have excellent equiment, software, and support.

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