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    I recently switched from a Windows desktop to an iMac- which has been great!! - I opted for 1TB internal HDD and also had an external 1TB Seagate HDD (which I've now configured as a Time Machine for my backups) - my question is that I have 2 x 200 Gb SATA HDD left over from my Windows PC. The first drive was used for windows and applications and the second one was used for music, photo's and videos..

    my plan was to get 2 External SATA to USB Hard Drive Enclosures and use these drives as additional storage for the iMac (i.e. use one for photo's and one for music).. (i've already copied all my music, videos and pictures onto my iMac as this was one via the Seagate drive prior to formatting it as Time Machine)..

    has anyone done this before? - I take it once I have the HDD enclosures then I hook them up to the iMac and format them? and can then use them as normal??

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    It's easy enough to do with the proper external carriers. I have several left over drives from Win machines that I use that way. However, I do not recommend placing items such as photos and music on them unless you have copies backed up somewhere else. Hard drives fail unexpectedly, especially if they've already been used for awhile.

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