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    Advice needed - should I repair Cinema Display?
    I have a 5-6 year old 23" cinema display. It is not functioning. I think it's a faulty power block, but it will take a little work and time to be sure.

    If it is a power block, that will probably cost $100-130 to replace. And reading various forums, it seems that the power block is prone to repeated failures.

    Here's the question - is there any special about this display as compared with a new Samsung or Viewsonic or Asus 23-24" display that I can buy new for $200-300 and get a warranty? I love the display when it worked, but don't know that I won't love a newer, cheaper display even more.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    G'day and welcome to the forums.

    Faced precisely this question when my ADC LCD Studio Display connected via DVI/ADC started slow boot times and responses etc. Bit the bullet, and purchased a BenQ LED display and to be honest enjoy its 16:9 ratio even better than the Studio Display and it was just over the $200.00 mark with a twelve month warranty. Having used iMacs and Apple CRT and LCD displays for ten years and cannot see any lesser performance with the BenQ.

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    The displays in the $200-300 range will likely have a TN panel, which doesn't have the same level of colour accuracy as the IPS panel found in the Apple display.

    Having said that, the latest generation of TN panels aren't bad and will probably be a fair bit brighter than your old display.

    If it's $100 to fix, I'd probably get the Apple display fixed. It's always tempting to get something new and shiny, but color accuracy and build will likely not be as good on a new, cheapish display.

    I personally have a new 24" Samsung display at home, but given the choice, I'd probably prefer to have the 23" Apple display that I have at work.

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    I have a 22" Apple cinema display with the ADC connector on it that I'm looking to sell.
    Very good condition and no dead pixels
    Send me a PM if interested!

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    If it's just the powerbrick that went out on the Cinema Display you can get a used one on ebay for abouty 50 bucks or so. Sometimes you can get lucky and get a cheaper one. The power bricks from the 30" will also work on it. Just don't get the 20" power brick, those won't work.

    If it's the Aluminum, let me know a price if you're looking at selling it.

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