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Thread: iStore trouble with payment details

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    iStore trouble with payment details
    i recently bought a macbook pro and have had an iTouch for about 2 years. i decided to buy a griffin iTrip and in order to get it working you need the griffin iTrip application on your iTouch. because i have a new mac, my iTunes says i need to verify my account payment details before i can purchase any apps.. even though this app is free.

    the problem is that my iTunes/iStore is not accepting the payment details even though they are completely correct and havent changed since i started using my new mac.

    so consequently i can't use my new iTrip and cant download ANY apps because my payment details wont be accepted.

    i have also authorized my new mac in my iTunes from the ''store'' drop down menu already.

    can someone please tell me why my detials keep getting declined or what i can do to troubleshoot this problem. thanks

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    Moved to correct forum. Does not belong in "Anything Goes".

    You probably need to contact Apple support for the iTunes store. Start here.

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    Try de-authorising the computer, then re-authorise it, sometimes there can be buggy problems and I don't think even apple knows what its all about lol

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