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    Set duplex as default
    I have connected my newly bought Mac Mini (running Snow Leopard) to my HP Color LaserJet CM2320fxi MFP printer. After upgrading the firmware according to directions found on the web, I can print in duplex mode. Alas, when I print (I tried from OpenOffice and Adobe PDF viewer) I have to check the "duplex" box each time. My choice doesn't persist between prints. I did check the "duplex" option in the Printer Options as accessed from the System Preferences. I also grep'ed for "duplex" through my home dir and also /etc, hoping to find a text file that contains the default, but no luck.

    Can someone help me ?


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    Moved to appropriate forum.

    The duplex option is a function of the driver which is supplied by HP and really has nothing to do with printing from OO or PDF. The best I can suggest is to see if there are updated drivers from HP for your printer. If not, you may have to live with checking off the duplex option each time you print.

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    duplex printing from Adobe
    The problem seems to be that Adobe maintains as part of a document properties a Print Dialog Preset that controls printing options, including duplex. (This can be set under File/Properties/Advanced in Adobe Acrobat). So the question is how to convince programs that generate PDF to set the document property to duplex, or convince the HP driver to ignore the Printer Dialog Presets that are part of the document properties.

    Help is welcome.

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