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    confused by too many NAS units
    Iím looking into NAS storage units. Does anyone have experience with one of the following:

    Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220
    Buffalo Linkstation Duo
    Iomega IX2-200
    Synology 210j
    Qnap TS-210

    Are there any significant differences for Mac users?

    Iím a fairly light home user but will need RAID, internet access and multiple user access.

    Synology and Qnap seems to be faster but also more expensive than Seagate, Buffalo and Iomega.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Not familiar with those units, but have been running a D-Link DNS-323 for a number of years now and it's awesome.

    I have it in RAID1 mirroring two 500GB WD HDs. It supports FTP, Bittorrent, uPNP, iTunes, and security for multiple users as well as SMB. It has a built in USB print server Gb Ethernet. There's also a large hacking community that has released software for it. Very nice and reliable machine. I'd highly recommend it.
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    I also don't have any experience with any of those units but am using a ReadyNAS NV+ by Netgear for a couple of years now. Right now i'm running 3 750GB drives in their X-Raid configuration. This is the 4-bay unit and is quite nice. It's a standard Linux machine so you get access to it from all other OS' and has the full compliment of iTunes sharing, bittorrenting and DLNA streaming capabilities..

    The newer NVX is quite nice and X86 based as opposed to my Sparc based NAS..


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    I've been using the IX-200 with 2 TB disks for about 6 months. It has worked fine for my needs. I use it for Time Machine as well as general storage for a variety of Mac and PC needs.

    The only issue I've had is with authentication. The device couldn't handle special characters such as a space in the login name. Once I changed our Mac logins to to have spaces, everything worked.

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    What CWA107 said . . . .!

    I have the D-Link DNS-323 (mainly because of his recommendation). It was almost painless to set up and works great. Though, it does a whole lot more than I will probably ever use it for. I use it as a RAID NAS and with the FileBrowser APP I'm even able to log into it from my iPad.
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    I have a Synology 110j. Its the single bay version. Obviously knowing what I know now i'd get the 210 so i could run a RAID setup, but oh well. I've had no issues out of it it so far. I run a seperate 2.5 in portable drive off one of the usb ports for my time machine backup and have used it to restore my mac no problem. Comes with reliable software and they have a good support base, which is way more than i can say for the WD worldbook I took back before I got this.

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