I did a search of this forum and most of the info dealt with what was available not the tech how to so if I am missing something please accept my apology in advance.

I am using a macbook and I recently purchased the kensington universal docking station (33930 mac compatible). It was somehow missing the install cd which appears to mostly be aimed at the windows systems.
-This is what I want to do. I want to be able to plug in my power cord, and one usb cable from the docking station, fire up my macbook, and once everything boots be able to shut the lid/screen and put it under my desk.
-this is what it is doing. I have it connected and the monitor as mirrored but the lid has to stay open. The mouse and keyboard work fine. The speakers are NOT working, and the usb/eithernet adaptor is not working (apple version, plugged into the docking station.)

I am new to the mac and am used to all the driver crap from the pc so the best bet in my mind is that the mac is not communicating with the docking station the right way. Anyone have any tips.

Also some of the information out there suggests that I needed an intel based mac and I do not think mine is.