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Thread: PCI-E to PCI-X

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    Oct 05, 2010
    PCI-E to PCI-X
    I'm looking for a solution to use Protools HD core PCI-X on a new mac pro with PCI-E slots.i have seen expansion chassis that does it but are not qualified by digidesign! my question is will it work?
    there the kind of product i'm talking about:HT-1010 PCI-Express Bus to 4 x PCI Expansion chassis

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    All I know is the voltage of PCI-E slots is lower than PCI-X. You can put a PCI card in a PCI-X slot...but nether in a PCI-E. Ive never seen an adapter to do this,although they may very careful not to damage your Mac.

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    And for damage read KILL!

    DigiDesign Expansion Version 8.0 is the go for the Mac Pro.

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    I'm also curious if the HT-1010 PCIe to PCI expansion works with Protools. OP, or anyone else, have you had any luck with this?

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