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    Oct 02, 2010
    @ HD backup
    Just got a 1 tb toshiba canvio. Wondering if its a better idea to use time machine(which will delete all software on it) to backup or to use the original software. Txs in advance

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    Yes, use Time Machine. Just format as Mac OSX Journaled using Disk Utility. Also it is always a good idea to partition (or get another HDDD) and create a bootable clone using SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner.
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    Oct 02, 2010
    Txs for the info. Confused tho about whether to partition, create boot, format or use time machine first. It appears to me if I do one or the other it will erase whatever I did previously.

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    The backup software that is pre-loaded on some hard drives aren't really that great from what I have seen. You also have to make sure it works on Macs. Unless you really like their software I would also recommend Time Machine. It would also be easier for others to help you since TM is commonly used.

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