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Thread: Smartdisk floppy drive on iMac problem

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    Smartdisk floppy drive on iMac problem
    I have a Smartdisk FDUSB-TM2 that I want to use to transfer Word 98 files from an old Compaq to Word for Mac 2004 on an iMac. I load the floppy disk directly into the floppy drive on the Compaq and download the files. When I then put the floppy disk into the Smardisk drive connected to the iMac, I end up looking at an ikernel.ex_ file that says below it "Unix Executable File." Where do I go from here? I am NOT a techie.

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    How are you copying the files to the floppy disk? You should be copying them like so: word1.doc, word2.doc, word3.doc, etc. If that's what you've done, your iMac should have no trouble reading them. The file you quoted above is a DOS executable file. Actually, a compressed executable. You can not read those on a Mac.

    And by the way, there is no such thing as Word 98 for Windows. It should be Word 97 or Word 95.

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    Thanks for your help!

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