I am using a new Macbook Pro 15", with i7 processor. I have a 400 Gb FREECOM hard drive (the internals are a 400.9 Gb Samsung HDD), which I have previously used with Windows as a backup drive. Not wanting to junk it, I partitioned it as 200 Gb Windows (FAT 32) and a 200 Gb MAC partition (MAC OS Extended(Journaled)). When I connect it to the USB port on the Macbook Pro, the drive light on the FREECOM flashes, but the drive is not recognised.
Now, here is the weird part! If I connect the drive to my Windows Laptop (which can see the Windows partition only), and then disconnect the USB and plug it straight into my Macbook, the Macbook recognises it, and both partitions appear on the desktop.
Disk utility reports that "the disk appears to be partitioned for Boot Camp...". Is this the problem?
How can I get the disk to be recognised reliably by my Macbook Pro? Any help gratefully accepted!