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Thread: Applecare Problem

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    Applecare Problem
    I live overseas. I asked my dad to purchase a MBP and applecare for me in the states. To keep the baggage weight down on the trip back he trashed the boxes and got the mac guy to install all the software. Now when he got back i found out that he also trashed the applecare paper, serial, and registration number and if the mac guy did install and register the applecare then he did it under the wrong email(a letter being the difference from my original). I have no idea how to correct this problem as I can't check the status of my registration without the correct email and password. If anybody has an idea what to do I'd be grateful.

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    Apple care is registered by machine serial number at the time of purchase. Just call Apple customer support, give them the SN of your machine and ask them to make the corrections for you.

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