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    requirements for imac hdd
    hey all,

    Im trying to fix an Intel Imac that I managed to get for free. I suspect that I may need to replace the HDD in order to get it working. Does it matter what kind of HDD I buy? I see quite a few websites selling "Apple" Hdds but i suspect I can get them cheaper elsewhere without the Apple logo on them. Any suggestions? What exactly is required for the HDD?

    Thanks in advance for your sage advice

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    The iMac takes a 3.5" SATA hard drive. You can find a wide selection of drives at Other World Computing.

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    A HDD is a HDD, Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi all have good names. When you install it, it will require formatting and partitioning, setting up with GUID option. Just do a Google search.

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    Like chscag said, as long as it's a 3.5" and SATA it will work. I would go with his suggestion though and check out OWC.

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