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    External HDD seems empty

    This is my first post, but not the first time I use mac-forums: I find it a great tool!

    First of all, I would like to apologize for my bad English, that is not my mother tongue.

    I am writting because I am having a really weird problem with a new (6 months) external hard drive. It is a 1 TB disk, last week I was copying there some files, and suddendly all the files disappeared, and the disk was empty. I was really frightened, but then I realised that if I go to Get File Information, it says that it is not empty: It still weights the same: aproximately 250 GB.

    The disk is a multimedia hdd, so if I connect it to the TV, I can see all the films: the files are still there.

    Even using terminal, the disk is empty!

    I am posting some pictures, so you can see what I say.

    It is in Spanish, but probably you will catch what I mean.

    I will be very thank for any help,

    Thank you

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    Hi, and welcome to the Mac Forums. Enjoy your stay here and visit often.

    Your English is much better than my Spanish.

    Anyway, it appears your new external multi-media hard drive is formatted to the MS proprietary format = NTFS. Your Mac can read from it but is not able to write to it without using additional software.

    However, you say that you can not "see" any of your files on the drive. You should still be able to read the drive although not be able to write to it. All I can suggest it try powering the drive down, unmount it, and try mounting it again after a reboot.

    It's possible the drive electronics have failed but your data (movies) are still there. If that's the case, you'll need special software to get all your files from the drive.

    Also, try hooking the drive up to another computer, either a Mac or PC to see if you can read from it.

    I just noticed that the permissions for the drive are both Read and Write, do you have any special software installed?

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