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    Using Files on an External HD
    Hello Everyone,

    Im new to the forum as a member but have been a lurker for quite some time. Ive been a mac user for years and can definitely relate to the enthusiasm in here. You all seem like a great bunch and the wealth of information in here is like striking gold, very helpful and informative. I was searching the "Other Hardware" portion of the site in hopes of finding an answer to my external hd question, but only found several questions regarding non-recognized hard drives. I really hope this isnt a repeat question as I tried searching but here it goes....

    I have a Macbook laptop that is very low on hard drive space. Im gonna need more space and was wondering how I would go about storing my music and pictures on an external hard drive yet using those photos and music as I normally would when they were on the internal drive. Id like to be able to open iTunes and play my music, Id like to browse all my photos, and sync my iPod and iPhone a few times a week while being able to choose from all the pictures and music that Id like to sync. Is there a way?

    A friend told me I could move all the music onto the hardrive and then drag and drop the files onto my iPod when needed, but it seems tedious.
    I just want the iTunes and iPhoto applications to recognize that my files are on the other drive and access them as needed, without requiring any extra input from me.

    I have the external already and dont really want to spend any more money upgrading my hard drive as Ill be purchasing a new iMac in a few months, but I need something to help remedy my slow system until then.

    Thank you in advance.


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