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motopach 09-19-2010 05:43 AM

Magic mouse/wireless mouse update for leopard
Alright, so long story short, i just bought a magic mouse. I am running OSX 10.5.8 and much to my surprise i missed the fine print that scrolling was not supported....

Apparently there is an update for the new magic mouse to give added options in the system preferences mouse window. Now comes my problem....

Ive downloaded the wireless mouse update from apple, restarted my macbook, etc etc... and everything is exactly the same? My preferences options window is the same as its always been (assuming it is supposed to be different?). Ive also learned you can use a terminal command and then check and uncheck the scroll option box and then scrolling works just fine (i dont have the option they describe checking and unchecking, which is why i assume i should be getting different options with the update). Also, on top of all that my tracking speed seems to be uncontrollably high regardless of what i set it at. I set it at the mouse preferences panel, and the second i close it or click something else, it jumps back to high.

Anyway, any help would be very greatly appreciated. This mouse seems to be causing more trouble than its worth.

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