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    Can't reformat Black Armor external hard drive
    I bought this a while ago, but have never had occasion to hook it up until now. I couldn't even see it on my MacBook Pro, so I plugged into my PC. I am unable to reformat on the PC either. It shows up on the old computer, but I can't do anything besides look for a new driver or uninstall it. The brand is Black Armor--which is specifically formatted for PC, I'm assuming, but when you can't even do anything with it...what a waste

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    Unless the drive is locked by firmware or a password, it can be formatted. We need more info though. A lookup on Black Armor drives shows me they're made by Seagate and come in various sizes.

    The drive is either going to be formatted from the factory as FAT-32 or NTFS. Most drives nowadays (especially the larger ones) are being formatted at the factory as NTFS. If your Black Armor is NTFS, your Mac will not be able to write to it but it should "see" the drive. A Windows PC should be able to read and write to it.

    The drive could be defective. If it is, call Seagate support and get an RMA.

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